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"There is definitely a college for everybody. There will be challenges, but there is always a way through if you keep your head up. And don't let anyone put you down."

- Gudalupe San Toyo

Entrance Exams

Eligibility for the University of California requires the completion of college entrance exams (SAT with essay or ACT with writing). EAOP students take the SAT and ACT exams at substantially higher rates than non-participants attending the same schools.

Please note: specific EAOP services and programs vary by campus. EAOP entrance exams services include:


Test Preparation Workshops
These one-day workshops familiarize students with the tests, and with study strategies and test-taking strategies.

Test Preparation Classes
Provided by test preparation professionals, these multi-day classes provide test-taking strategies and extensive practice with verbal and mathematics questions.

Online Test Preparation
EAOP students can take advantage of online test preparation offered through the Khan Academy and ACT Academy.

Fee Waiver Assistance
These workshops help financially eligible students and families receive fee waivers for college entrance exams.